St. Cuthbert's Way 
Retreat House 
Wooler, Northumberland
  1. Every Thursday
    Silent Prayer - join us each Thursday morning to share silence. We gather at 10:00am to explore the experience of contemplative prayer.
  2. Every Monday
    Silent prayer – join us each Monday evening at 7.00pm to share silence. We meet upstairs at St. Cuthbert's. (Weekly beginning Monday January 28th.)
  3. Simple Quiet Day
    A Simple Quiet Day is about stillness and space – taking time to create some calm in our hectic and noisy lives, and making space for ourselves to rest in the presence of God. Quiet days have been described as “…a space for Grace…” Each day has its own rhythm, but it will always include prayer, silence, and hospitality. For a full program, please contact David: [email protected] / 07708651983 Dates for this year: April 18th.; September 12th.; October24th.; November 21st.; December 12th.; Dates for this year: April 11th. September 26th. October 24th. November 21st. December 12th.
  4. Into the Silent
    Join us in the heart of Northumberland, the cradle of Celtic spirituality, for a weekend journey into silent prayer. We will explore the "Silent Land" together through shared silence and through prayer exercises drawn from a variety of sources. The weekend is a chance to share silence in a group, and to begin to establish a rhythm of prayer practice. It will run from 4.00pm Friday 1st March to 4.00pm Sunday 3rd. March. Please click this link for full details:
Into the Silent          Land